Volume 62

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A Skirt for All Ages
Youthful yet appropriate for all ages - this raw edge appliqué skirt will become your favorite skirt of the season.

Monogrammed Market Totes
Learn the secret to embroidering on these very fun and useful storage containers.

Summertime Sweetheart
Learn how to extend the life of worn-out, grown-out and stained-out clothing by adding just the right embroidery elements.

A Great Partnership
Digitized quilting adds a modern twist to eye-catching pillows.

12 Money Saving Tips for Embroidery
Keep your cash! Great savings for embroiderers.

Time Flies
Watch time fly - literally! Ideal for a child's room, classroom or funky kitchen.

The Sweet Little Zero Calories Cookies
Stitch the perfect invitations for a birthday party, cookie exchange or family event.

Columns & Departments

10-20-30 Minutes to Embroider
Lab Puppies Wall Hanging
Nancy Zieman shares simple editing tips to get more from your design collection.

Ask the Expert
Deborah Jones answers the question, "What should I be doing with my software?"

This Might Surprise You
There's more to Martha Pullen than heirloom sewing.

What's New in Designs
See the latest designs to hit the embroidery market!


A Little TLC for Your Machine
Read Eileen's tips for keeping your embroidery machine in tiptop shape.

Making It Work
Get smart(er) in your jammies! Bonnie Domeny of Embroidery Academy offers a solution that is just a click away.